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How do I steam cook food?
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Open the lid by pressing the colored latch on the top of the lid. Remove basket and fill it with diced food (approx. ½ inch cubes). Determine the amount of water needed depending on the type of food you are steaming (see instruction manual). Measure out the water with the cooking bowl (using the graduations 1-2-3). Pour water into the heating reservoir by placing the lip of the bowl on the upper edge of the reservoir. Place the bowl on the base and lock into place by turning clockwise until you hear a click and the bowl cannot turn any further. Then lock the lid into place by pressing on the rubber arrow on the locking arm until you hear it click into place. Plug in the appliance and press the round steam button. A light and a sound signal when the cooking cycle starts. When cooking is complete, a sound signal is heard and the steam symbol.

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