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Why is my Babycook not blending?
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1. Babycook may not be properly plugged in.


Check that the appliance is properly plugged into a standard polarized outlet with 120V power. The polarized plug is intended to reduce the risk of electric shock. This plug is designed to fit only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way. 


Babycook Pro/ Pro 2X: The power cord may have become loose. Turn over the machine and then using your thumb fingers, push the cord in as far as it will go, to ensure a snug fit. 

2. There is no locking nut on the knife blade.


Place the blade with the rubber gasket (flared side down) inside the bowl and then underneath, attach the locking nut. Proper placement is for the flat side to sit flush against the metal part of the bowl (with the side of the nut with raised edges and a visible capital "TB" facing down/ the base of the machine). Twist the locking nut and blade in clock-wise motion to ensure a snug fit.

3. The bowl lid and the bowl are not correctly attached.


Babycook Classic: Lock the bowl and the bowl lid by turning them clockwise until you hear it click. The appliance is then fully engaged.


Babycook Pro/ Pro 2x: Turn the bowl clockwise until you hear a click and the bowl will not turn any further. Then close the lid arm while pressing on the rubber arrow using the palm of your hand until you hear a loud click.

4. You hear the motor running but the blade does not turn.


Remove the blade assembly completely, lock the bowl and lid(s) into place and test the blend function again. If you see the post (where the blade sits) turning without issue, your blade assembly has become warped. Please contact us to obtain a replacement part.


If the post does NOT turn but you still hear the motor, the rotating belt is not in contact with the pulley inside the machine. In this case, a warranty claim will need to be opened. Please open a support ticket or call us at 1-855-602-3222.

5. The motor is not functioning properly.


If your machine has power and you are able to steam (but not blend), a warranty claim will need to be opened. Please open a support ticket or call us at 1-855-602-3222.

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